Half-day and full-day rate pricing gives you peace of mind and confidence that your professional photography and video are covered.


Half day - £175
Full day - £250
Hourly rates

Presentation Options

We provide budget and premier photography packages based on the time and expertise invested in post processing and presentation of your images. Premier is our default recommendation because it delivers the highest quality and presented photographs. 

  • Budget  – Images are automatically rendered using in-camera software. There is no post processing other than horizon leveling.  Included in rates.
  • Premier – We shoot using RAW digital film format which enables significant post processing. This option gives you the best quality output by adjusting colour temperature, contrast, exposure, dynamic range, saturation, highlights and shadows, and to crop images to taste.  

 Our online portal gives you the ability to print your photographs on different types of paper and media, and to share with family and friends on mobile devices.


Half day - £199
Full day - £299
Hourly rates

Presentation Options

Video processing can be time consuming and open ended in what can be done and how the images are presented. We charge according to what you need and your budget.  Examples include:

  • Out of camera video clips for use on social media or websites. Editing to present videos ready for display. Included in rates.
  • Tailored video capture and processing using specific codecs, multiple cameras, audio capture, backup equipment, capture frame rates and image profiles.  Post processing includes editing, image correction, LUT’s, music and presentation in different formats for display on mobile devices, TV and for broadcast.  
We recommend our tailored video service where there is a narrative that requires continuity and consistency. Weddings and business events are especially suited to this type of work. 


Tailored Approach

Planning and sequencing of image capture at an event,  the number of photographs,  video duration and format, additional lighting and audio equipment, and the time on site will be agreed and reflected in the price prior to the event. Extra equipment and staff will be priced accordingly. Discounts are available for combined photography and video shoots.

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