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Four reasons:

  1. We deliver on our promises.
  2. We produce outstanding work.
  3. We have the necessary equipment and software.
  4. You get honest, personal attention. 

People are our speciality. We delight in working with individuals and groups to capture their essence and to create photographs and videos that shows what makes them unique.    

We therefore do not specifically promote ourselves as wedding or event photographers.   ur primary goal is to tell a story and we have the interest, equipment and creativity to do that in a straightforward and authentic way.

That is why we work with churches, people of faith, charities and social initiatives.  

Yes, our photography and video services are used to create content for websites and social media, see

The majority of our work is in the Home Counties of England, London and the Midlands.  We travel to any reasonable location to get the shot!

We use Nikon and Lumix cameras along with a range of professional lenses for our photography. This equipment delivers excellent images in low light and is good for sports and action photography. We deploy studio flash and light-shaping equipment for wedding and portrait work.

Video is filmed using 4k cameras along with professional lenses and audio capture equipment. Video lighting is used where appropriate.  

Post processing is done using industry standard software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and FCPX. 

Yes, we partner with an audio specialist for conferences and events. 

We use appropriate facilities to meet client requirements. Our mobile studio comprises professional wireless studio flash, backdrops and light shaping equipment.  Our creativity is not limited to one location. 

Yes but we recommend a professional lab as manually printing is time consuming and therefore expensive.  Our printer, Loxley Labs offer choice of print, metalic, canvas and, of course, the size of print you choose. 

Our rates are very competitive and our commitment to provide outstanding quality at an affordable cost.

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