We work flexibly and creatively to make unique and compelling images.

We delight in creating images and narrative that gives an insight into people, who we are as individuals and as groups of people, be they family, friends or work colleagues.   Our work crosses many genres including weddings, portrait, music and worship, the one thing though they share is a spotlight on people.  Our approach is flexible and creative simply because people are unpredictable!  Our clients recommend  our work as a consequence and we delight in their reaction when their images are delivered to them.  

Examples of our work are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Weddings
  •  Anniversaries and birthdays
  • Portraits and families
  • Music and worship

Create your Amazing story

We shoot pre-wedding photoshoots,  wedding rehearsals & family get-togethers, We actively pursue opportunities to create and capture images throughout the wedding day, from the preparation of the bride and groom, to the ceremony,  we craft formal and informal  photographs and video shoots, and see the day through to the reception and final farewell.

Anniversaries and birthdays are special because they celebrate lasting relationships and friendships.  It is our job to capture the event and help make memories more concrete for you, your family and friends.
Creating images for people and working with them to pose and to capture their essence is great fun.   There are no fixed rules for these sessions other than we have fun and make wonderful images.
Music and worship provide fantastic opportunities to showcase people in a range of different environments, styles and emotions.  We are sensitive to different worship styles and traditions.

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